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A Birmingham tax attorney at Meadows & Howell will help solve I.R.S. tax debt by providing diligent representation to clients in state and federal courts, as well as internal audits and appeals with the I.R.S. or local revenue departments.  Our experienced tax attorneys can obtain relief from liens, levies, and garnishments, including debt resolution through offers in compromise, innocent spouse relief, currently not collectible status, and other forms of federal tax debt relief.  The firm's lawyers also represent clients in state tax matters involving the Alabama Department of Revenue, as well as local municipalities.


Although well known for its experienced Alabama tax attorneys, Meadows & Howell is a full service law firm that will strive to reach a favorable conclusion for your every legal need, including tax issues, asset protection, estate planning, business formation and dissolution, and more.  Contact the firm to speak with a Birmingham tax attorney about your case, or to speak with a lawyer who specializes in our other practice areas.  Meadows & Howell is located in Birmingham, Alabama. 


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As seen on Talk of Alabama, the attorneys of Meadows and Howell can answer legal questions that you submit to us via our website.  Recordings of previous segments can be found on our on-air appearances page.  If you would like to submit a question to be answered by a Birmingham attorney, please complete the form found on the ask an attorney page.

 Types of Tax Relief Provided

A Birmingham tax attorney at Meadows & Howell can help clients obtain the following types of relief from Alabama tax debt or I.R.S. tax debt:

Tax Litigation:  The firm's Alabama tax attorneys handle tax cases before the U.S. Tax Court, Federal District Courts, and state courts.

Offer in Compromise:  In this program, an offer is made to settle the I.R.S. tax debt, often for a fraction of the total tax debt that the I.R.S. says is owed.

Penalty Abatement:  The firm's Alabama tax attorneys can seek to have the penalties eliminated that have been added to a tax debt.

Currently Not Collectible Status:  If an account is placed in currently not collectible status, the I.R.S. will not pursue collections against the taxpayer unless their financial situation improves.

Innocent Spouse Relief:  This relief is appropriate in situations where a spouse is being unfairly held liable for the tax debt of a spouse or former spouse. 

Installment Agreement:  The firm's tax Alabama attorneys can help clients set up installment agreements with the I.R.S. or State of Alabama at the lowest possible payment amount.   

Levy & Wage Garnishment:  The firm's Birmingham tax attorneys will work to quickly remove a bank levy or wage garnishment.

Bankruptcy:  The firm's Alabama tax attorneys will evaluate which taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy, and assist with the decision on whether that is the best type of relief that is available in the client's specific case.




 Firm Contact Information

If you have a legal issue which requires immediate assistance from an on-call Birmingham attorney, or if you simply prefer to contact the firm via the internet, then please fill out a client contact form.  If you indicate that you require immediate assistance, an Alabama tax attorney will contact you shortly after your correspondence is received.

If you prefer to contact a tax attorney via mail, telephone or fax, please use the contact information below.


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