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Meadows & Howell offers clients technical knowledge in the defense of traffic violations, DUI charges, and other alcohol related offenses.  Once obtained as your legal representation, the firm's experienced Birmingham DUI attorneys will answer questions and assist you throughout the process of defending you in court .

If you've received an open container, DUI, public intoxication, or any other alcohol related charge in Alabama, then the experienced Birmingham DUI attorneys at Meadows & Howell can assist you with dismissing the charge or reducing your potential punishments. 


The firm's Birmingham DUI attorneys have dealt with alcohol related offenses in a variety of courts and can often assist first-time offenders with keeping alcohol related charges off of your record, or even dismissing the charge entirely if the elements of the crime have not been established by the prosecution.

Your available legal options and potential results will depend greatly upon your criminal history, as well as the number of DUIs with which you have previously been charged.  The firm's Birmingham DUI attorneys will evaluate your specific situation to determine which course of action is appropriate for your defense.



If you've been cited with a DUI, public intoxication, or any other alcohol related offense in Alabama, then contact the firm for a free consultation with a Birmingham DUI attorney.

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When you are arrested for DUI in Alabama, there are two different levels of enforcement.  The first is the criminal charge of DUI, which occurs in court on the judicial level.  The second is the suspension of your license by the Alabama Department of Public Safety, which occurs on an administrative level outside of the court system.  The firm's Birmingham DUI attorneys can assist you with your DUI charge on both levels.

Your driver license can be suspended, revoked or canceled in Alabama after a criminal conviction for DUI.  Alternatively, the Alabama Department of Public Safety can suspend your license 45 days from the date of your arrest, despite whether a conviction has been entered.  The length of this suspension depends upon the number of “alcohol or drug-related enforcement contacts” during the preceding 5 year period.

Depending upon the type of officer that made the arrest, the jurisdiction in which you were arrested, and the number of DUIs you've had during the preceding 5 years, your criminal charge may be brought in an Alabama municipal, district, or circuit court.  Many Alabama courts offer a referral program for first-time offenders.  The Birmingham DUI attorneys at Meadows & Howell can negotiate with prosecutors to have you entered into a referral program so that your DUI charge is removed from your record.  Contact the firm today to receive a free consultation with a Birmingham DUI attorney regarding your specific options.



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If you have a legal issue which requires immediate assistance from an on-call Birmingham DUI attorney, or if you simply prefer to contact the firm via the internet, then please fill out a client contact form.  If you indicate that you require immediate assistance, an Alabama DUI attorney will contact you shortly after your correspondence is received.

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